Twitter pics of Idina looking flawless at the AICF Gala (x) (x) (x)

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Looks like Idina is Redbook’s December Cover Girl!!!

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Idina Menzel on Rent on Opening Night, 1996.

favorite performances

Idina Menzel as Elizabeth in If/Then

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Idina Menzel, 2014. My daughter would disown me if I did not post this.

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How do you measure, measure a year? 

Idina Menzel’s Holiday Wishes album is coming out October 14th but look at all she has accomplished in the past year.

November 13, 2013: Idina Menzel stars as Elsa in Frozen, “Let it Go” is later certified Triple Platinum

March 2, 2014: Idina Menzel sings “Let it Go” at the Oscars

March 21, 2014: Idina Menzel is on the cover of the Billboard Magazine

March 30, 2014: If/Then opens on Broadway at the Richard Rodgers Theatre

June 8, 2014: Idina Menzel performs “Always Starting Over” at the Tonys

June 16, 2014: Idina Menzel gives a sold out concert at Radio City Music Hall

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If you ever talk smack about Idina Menzel to me I will Eleka-Nahmen your ass so fast you’ll WISH it’d been a house that hit you

RENT’s opening night (x)

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